Sailing Season is Open

Lara and I opened the sailing season today off Shilshole. I don’t care what the Seattle Yacht Club has planned for May 2nd. We’re already on.

Karin and I moved the boat from Lake Union to our new slip on the “O” dock at Shilshole on Saturday. We weren’t supposed to come out until May 1st, but I couldn’t wait. And the slip was open so there was no reason not to bring it out.  The slip in Lake Union was cramped and hard to get in and out of. The power was spotty and there was little water pressure.  Shilshole last year did a complete overhaul, and the new slips are wide, have new shore power connections and plenty of water pressure. That matters when you are washing bird goo off your baby.  There’s also a  large dock box at the new slip, and a rack to put the dinghy on out of the water.  All in all, it’s going to be a better place to keep the boat. 

And the bonus is that you can be out sailing in only a few minutes.  In Lake Union you have to do two draw bridges and the locks to get out to sail. Lara and Dan

Today Lara and I decided that clear skies, temps in the upper 60’s and Northerly breeze meant just one thing. We’re going sailing. 

Since the better wind was forecast in the afternoon, we lazed around the morning with breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe and a little boat shopping at Dunatos.  But by noon it was time to cast off and head for the high seas.  OK, not that high. More like the beautiful calm Puget Sound.  It was one of those days that takes your breath away and reminds us all why it is we really like to live here.  




The wind was fair, but not so gusty that you had to work too hard. 

The views of the Olympics, Baker and of course Rainier were stunning.  All the other sailors who didn’t have to work today decided to come out too….so there were lots of pretty boats around to look at.  You know what you get when you have two sailboats?  mountain is outA race, of course.  So we did some of that too. We tweaked the sails to close the gap, and right when we were gaining….he tacked away.  Such is life.

Lara and I had a blast sailing back and forth, up and down, and when we had finally baked enough we headed back into our slip to try the new approaches and get used to coming in with bumpers on the dock not on the boat.  Seemed to work pretty well, and it’s nice not to have the bumpers cluttering up the boat when you’re underway. {I got some inflatable ones to use while we’re away from Shilshole.} 

Karin made the day by coming down to greet us dockside with food and fine drink to consume as the sun went down. Nice way you spend a day in Seattle.

Guarding Shilshole doesn't get you respect from the gulls

So the s/v Marie is ready to sail…only wondering when here friends will be stopping by for a visit.

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