Amanda and Brandon sittin’ in a tree…

Many long time listeners know our former next door neighbor Amanda Darby. Yes she of the exuberant personality and willingness to stand up and call “bull” on any issue she thinks is wrong.  Yes, that Amanda.  Suzi Wedding 142

Well she and her long time beau, Brandon Smith, finally decided the time had come to be a little more formal and “get engaged”.  We found on on a late night call from Amanda. It was 9:50pm and Karin was already asleep.  I had to wake her up so she could hear it.  Needless to say we’re overjoyed for Amanda. And we think Brandon is damn lucky to have her.  Good he finally wised up and stopped waiting.

We understand it was a very romantic proposal, with the two of them playing Scrabble. Brandon had earlier pulled the tiles he needed, and somehow secreted them onto his tile holder.  Then, at the moment he could get the most points or at least a few double word scores, he popped down the words “Marry Me” on the board.  Amanda scored a cool 6 points by spelling back, “Yes.”

So last Monday Karin and I had them over to the boat, along with Christian, to celebrate.  It was champagne and shrimp all around. They already have a wedding date in July of next year. And it will be at Blessed Sacrament, our church.  They also seem to have found a tre’ hip Georgetown (South Seattle for you non-locals) venue called The Georgetown Ballroom for their reception. I predict it will be the event of the 2010 summer season.

Amanda and Brandon engaged 003 Amanda and Brandon engaged 004

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