LeConte Glacier

When we arrived in Wrangell we knew we wanted to see Glaciers.  But here’s the thing. Glaciers calve off pieces that are, essentially, icebergs. Remember Titanic. The other reason we chartered a jet boat was Dry Strait.  Dry Strait is an apt term as this is very shallow area at the  mouth of the Stikine River where silt collects. That strait dries out at low tide.  The guide boats have to time the tours with the tide.  Icebergs will crush your gelcoat and ruin your prop.  They guide boat are aluminum with a jet…no prop at all.

It was a magical day.  I loved the the speed (39 knots vs 7 knots) and having someone else drive.  We could sit and enjoy.

Looking toward Stikine River.  The green water is from river silt.


Approaching LeConte Glacier Bay and the beginning of icebergs.


Larger icebergs beginning to appear.


Seeing a bit of the glacier.  It’s still a couple of turns in the bay to go.


The first of many harbor seal mothers and pups at this rookery (some that were quite small like this one below).


The seals are all over the ice flow.  It’s hard to stay away from them because their are so many and all over the place.IMG_5226


The glacier.  This is as close as we can get because there’s too much ice.  The Petersburg High School group measures the glacier every year for the last 32 year..  They have to apply and test their surveying skills for a spot on the team of 8.  Helicoptered in by Temsco, a local service provider.  The glacier calves from the top and also know for calving from the bottom called a “shooter” since the ice is buoyant.


Surrounding miscellaneous photos.  The rocks were really interesting and the water a beautiful color.


IMG_5232IMG_5241IMG_5272IMG_5283IMG_5334IMG_5335A small iceberg for Peter’s cooler.  We opted out for a share of the ice for cocktails.  It’s supposed to be the best ice going but frankly I don’t know what’s frozen in there so none for us.


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