Home, but not for long

We arrived back on the boat in Anacortes just in time for Halloween. It will be a short one month stay to do a little cleaning on the boat and prepping it for us to be gone until summer.  No worries though. Friends on the dock will keep an eye on her, and we have a boat-watcher who’ll come in regularly to run the engine and check all systems.


The good news is that everything was fine, no mold, no smells. All we needed to do was close at the cabinets and fire up the heaters.   And for the first two weeks of November it’s been amazingly sunny and dry.

November 10th the Seattle Sounders made Toronto cry and gave us another MSL Championship.  We watched at Union, one of our favorite local hangs.


OK, now it’s mid November and The Big Dark has officially begun.  Rain, mist, rain, getting dark at 4pm.  Where’s my coffee and dark beer.    The good news is that while we’ve been gone Bastion Brewing has taken up BBQ…and someone knows his or her way around a pit.  It’s great.  That and their lovely beers will get us through.

While we stay on the boat we’ve also been cleaning up the trailer, getting bearings re-packed for the next long road run.  We’ve also been getting the truck’s standard maintenance done so we can hit the road with all systems tuned and working

Being here has also given us time to hang with Mom and BD. We’ve been stopping by every few days both to see them and so Karin and use Mom’s space and machine to do some sewing.  She’s finished more Christmas stockings, altered some of our “Santa Gear” and even gotten around to restoring the quilt she first made for Christian 30 years ago when he was a kid.  It was on his bed all his growing up and even at the UW.  He used it so long the edges were all tattered.  Well, not any more.  Yes Christian, she does love you.



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