November on the Boat…but now off again

After all the fall camping around the West, it almost felt odd to be back on the boat.  It was important to come home though so Karin could deal with her sore hip. More chiropractic and plans for finding help out on the road if she needs it.

It was also a month of spending more time with Mom and BD. Since Karin was having twice a week chiropratic appointments in Mount Vernon, it was easy to skip down the highway a few miles to see them.  It also game Karin a chance to set up sewing machines to finish Christmas Stockings and a few other similar projects.


We found the time to run over to Port Townsend on the Ferry to see Jim and Shirley Runkel. They had their motorhome over there for some work and were staying at Point Hudson.

After putting 12,000 miles on the trailer since we got it, it was also time for a little routine maintenance.   I was going to try to repack the wheel bearings myself. Always good to learn. But then I thought about the fact that it is cold, I don’t have a shop, garage or clean place to work, and it would take a long day since I’d be learning. In the end I got JR to do it. Money for time. But now Dewey is ready to role.   And since we hit 30,000 on the truck, we had that inspection done too.  Now the whole rig is as ready as possible.  Oh and one more rig related thing. We took the break to solve something that has bothered us since day one. We found nice replacement faucets for the kitchen and bathroom in the trailer that are made of metal. The process to replace them literally took 30 minutes, with most of that time spent unloading the items in the cabinets that were in the way.  Nice!   Arctic Fox makes a nice rig, but how about real faucets as an option? That would be one I would have paid for.

Seems the holidays just speed up everything. The last week has been a blur.  We met with all the Scout parents on Monday in Edmonds. Wednesday Christian and Kim came up to have dinner with us and my sister Rebecca and her husband Jeff.  Christian and Kim spent the night on the boat before heading off to Thanksgiving with her family down on Whidbey Island.  We met at Mom and BDs for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was probably the first she hosted for family in two or more decades. 

Is was great to have Rebecca and Jeff around. I know Mom and BD loved it.

Friday we went to Woodinville to see Ethel and Louie, Chris and Jen German.  Always a hoot.   Then we came home and moved the trailer out of the storage yard and into service at a nearby campground.  It’s good to do this a few days before you leave.  There’s no rushing and it seems easier. 

I had a bug, but Karin got to play with Theo on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Oh right, and she saw our niece Lara and Keith, Theo’s mom and dad.  Ok, so her sister Judy and Mom Millie too.   But lets face it, Theo’s the star. 

Theo and Aunt Karin

All that’s left is to push off for more adventure.





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