Corgi Puppies

So, we’re on the road in October to Idaho. To see the puppies and to check our land in the fall. The view when we build on this site will be pretty nice.

When we were working, we didn’t get to see Idaho much in the fall, and one thing this trip did was allow us to drive up into the Sawtooth Mountains North of Fairfield, and North of the land we’ve bought on the Camas Prairie. It was, in a word, amazing.

And, of course, we got to see the puppies. Now I’ll be perfectly honest. I was planning on leaving the dog in Camas County and coming back in another month…when they’d be 12 weeks old…and taking them home then. But one look at Karin’s eyes as she held them told me, “We’re not leaving here without the dogs.”

I’m not going to lie. The dogs were damn cute and hard to resist. They were coming home now. Mom was just going to have to adjust. We’d even spend nights camping at her house if needed to care for them. And we did.

Soon we were on the road back to Arlington, WA with the dogs and my sister Rebecca who wanted to see mom. The trip was actually pretty easy. Every where we stopped people looked at the puppies and their hearts melted. Well, to be fair, these are the cutest little dogs ever made.

Mom’s hearts going to melt.

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