Fall into Central Washington

Coming back home we had a few December events to prepare for. First Molly Watkins wedding on Labor Day Weekend. That was a hoot as it was in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. It was also a chance to see our good buddy Rebecca Hale whom we’ve known since we lived in Boise. Oh my, has it really been 41 years. Yep. Rebecca and I worked with Molly years ago at KIRO…and we’ve stayed close since. Though the pandemic has really put the crimp in our normal get togethers.

Rebecca, Dan and Karin
Molly the bride in the middle was radiant…as is required

But here’s the thing. Karin, Rebecca and I didn’t know anything else there…outside the bride and groom. After that stopped at our table allowing the hugs and kisses they have to move on. We get it. The three of us looked at each other and we all said, “You want to blow this place and get a drink?” Yep. Off to Ballard Ave and the Noble Fir to commune with our favorite Seattle bar owners Ellen and Rick. We met them in 2008 when we lived in Ballard for a year in a condo, and they were opening the bar. It’s still going strong 12 years later, and they said the early part of the pandemic was slow, but lately it’s been gangbusters. Good for them.

Camping with the sailing crew

Next up was camping in Central Washington with a few of our sailing friends. David and Lang, Jennifer and Monica. Just for fun, we also got to meet Monica’s mom.

It’s kind of a tradition now. We boaters love the water. But we also love meeting somethere on dry land. In this case a few acres in Central Washington that Jen and Monica own. It’s great for camping under the stars. There’s also Deep Lake State Park only a few miles away where we could pull the canoe (Flo) off the truck and go exploring. The rest of the crew, including the dogs Ollie and Baker, followed in a bigger boat.

Once back home we puttered. We did chores on the boat. We went for bike rides. But then my niece and nephew posted this pic of them holding our puppies. OK, mom’s puppies. But really, who’s going to quibble. So we thought. Hey, we’re retired. We don’t HAVE to be anywhere. Maybe we should go to Idaho again. 😉

So we did. We weren’t going to pick up the puppies yet. But just see how they’re doing.

So off to Idaho!

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