Arriving in Arizona

Before heading over to Tucson for the winter, we first took the dogs down to Lake Havasu. We’d never been in this part of the state and figured we should stop to see what the fuss is about.

Our $0.02, the lake is fine. The state campground south of town is very nice. The city, meh.

OK, first; yes, they have London Bridge. Not “THE London Bridge,” of course. This is “The London Bridge” that folks think of when you say that. It’s in London.

But Lake Havasu has “a” London Bridge. One that was old, crumbling and not able to carry the increased traffic by the late 1960s. They were going to tear it down and toss it. But some Real Estate developer wanted to buy it. What? “You’re kidding,” has to be the first thing they said. Followed by, sure…we’ll sell it to you. Anyway, it’s the chief tourist attraction in town.

As I said, meh. The lake’s better, the view of the surrounding mountains is better, and that state campground is better.

Cat Tail Cove State Park

After Lake Havasu, we headed south for the Mexican border, well almost. Our Thanksgiving stopover was at Organ Cactus Pipe National Monument. It’s a beautiful park so close to Mexico you can see the border station before you turn into the park entrance. It’s worth the long drive south.

After that we headed towards Tucson, but not quite there. We stopped again for five nights at the great Pima County Campground just to the South the Western part of Saguaro National Park. You’re so close you can get to downtown Tucson in 30 minutes if you want. But until you make that run into town, you’re surrounded by craggy dry peaks and the Sonoran Desert spreading out to the West. It was great.

Finally on December first, we packed up the trailer and headed into Tucson. The first stop on the way to Far Horizon was at the La-Z-Boy pickup warehouse. Last winter we had some inexpensive recliners but they hurt Karin’s back. Before we left Tucson last year we stopped by the La-Z-Boy store and talked to the folks there. They had a great recliner that would fit the trailer. But they said the pandemic was making deliver times as much as six months. So last May we ordered two. They arrived in Tucson in November, and the warehouse was holding them for us. On our way to the RV park, we pulled in to pick them up. The crew there showed us how they work and how easy it is to take the backs off to get them in and out of the trailer. Not that we’ll be doing that. Then they put the chairs in, put them together, and we were on our way. So comfy.

Far Horizons RV Park is busier this year. The Canadians are back and most all the spots around us are full this year. But it’s still a great spot for us near the bicycle trail where we can get the puppies used to riding in their trailer.

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