Christmas in Idaho 2021

The corgi were born in Idaho, but that was in summer. Now it’s winter, and they are coming back with us for a little Christmas fun in Camas County. First, it’s fair to say that the dogs loved the snow. They want to be in it all the time. They burrow in it, they jump over it. Whatever this white stuff is, they want to play in it as much as possible.

Before all the Christmas festivities, my sister watched the dogs for a few days so we could fly to Seattle to spend a weekend with Amanda Darby and our God daughter Eleanor. Just a little us time.

On Sunday, Kim and Christian came to find us and we all went to the Selfie Museum.

Sunday afternoon we went to see “A Christmas Carol” with Amanda and Eleanor. last time we went to this show it was more than two decades ago with Amanda and Ashley.

Then it was back to Idaho to sing in the Christmas Choir made up of all the singers from all the churches in town. Individually, the choirs in Fairfield are a little small. But all together, we can make a pretty good group.

Idaho Christmas’ are all about family, fun, skiing, snow, snow machines, cooking, baking, opening presents on Christmas morning in your jammies, wrestling with cousins, and just going for a walk in the cold, still quiet of an Idaho Mountain valley.

But before you knew it, it was time to grab the puppies and head back to the land of winter sun, the Sonoran Desert. What’s more, the Amanda, Eleanor and the rest of the Darby-Smiths were going to meet us for New Years in Tucson!

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