Easter in Texas

Our great niece Brooklyn went through baptism and first communion at Easter this year. Her momma told her she could ask any number of Catholics she knew to be her god mother. Then she ran down the list for her…and when she got to “Aunt Karin” we’re told Brooklyn’s face lit up and she immediately said, “Aunt Karin…I want Aunt Karin.” I’m sure this had nothing to do with Karin opening up her jewelry making box last summer on the farm and letting this little girl run rampant through her collection of Swarovski Crystals to make bracelets, earrings, necklaces. Yep, I’m sure she chose based on deeply felt religious connection…

In any case, we had to go to Texas in April for Easter.

The good thing is that means we get to see two favorite families; The Wingers in San Antonio with Brooklyn, Jaxon, Ryder, Sarah and Ryan and the Darby-Smiths up in Austin (Amanda, Brandon, Eleanor, Hendrik and Lennox). And it’s spring in the Hill Country, the very best time to visit Texas.

We flew in on a Friday, and got to wake up Saturday and go to join my sister Rebecca, who was also there for Easter, to see Soccer for Miss B and Baseball games for Ryder and Jaxon.

Then it was off to Drippping Springs where we had rented and Airbnb so we could spend the weekend with the Darby-Smiths. This particular Airbnb had rooms for all, a great kitchen, and a playground with trampoline, swings, teeter-totter, and all kinds of other play toys for the kids. There was even a small electric car the kids could drive around. There were deer walking the grounds, a donkey from somewhere, and a friendly cat who clearly owned the place.

On top of all that, it was just uphill from Ghost Note Brewing. And when I say just…we just walked down for beers, root beers and live music.

We also spent time with the Darby-Smiths checking out Jester King Brewing, and Fizthugh Brewing. All were good. Jester King is an amazing brewer on a 165 acre farm where they have great beer, BBQ, barns for music, a craft fair and goats you can go sit with if you need that moment of Zen.

After all that fun in Dripping Springs, the Darby-Smiths headed for home and Karin and I headed deeper into the hill country to find wild flowers. Sadly, it’s been a dry spring in Texas, and there weren’t as many flowers as the last time we came through.

We stayed another three nights in Fredricksburg…the German heart of the Hill Country before heading off on the backroads to the south to Kerrville and Comfort (the place for antiquing), then winding East to Bulverde where the Wingers live and were getting ready for Easter.

Easter was a whirl as you might expect. Masses on Thursday, Friday and leading up to Vigil Mass on Saturday night at the Winger’s parish. Now I love a good Easter Vigil. But it starts at sundown, and I was worried all the kids would never make it through a 3 hour mass. But there are blessing to be had, and the kids were angels. None more so than Brooklyn herself.

And, just like that, St. Joseph’s parish in Bulverde has its newest parishioner, Brooklyn “Rose” Winger.

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