Thanksgiving and the Post Func


Well, another Thanksgiving…another party on Friday after at the Leach house. 

But wait I’m getting ahead of myself. Actually, Thanksgiving itself was very quiet and nice. We went to dinner with Mom and BD and Christian at Chuckanut Manor where you look out over Sammish Bay while you eat.  It was lovely.  And also lovely in that someone else did the cooking.

Thanksgiving 001 Thanksgiving 002

So, on to the Post Thanks giving festivities at the house. This year the theme was Mexican…and the food was…mui caliente!

Thanks to Jen Izaguirre and her now-husband Ugur, Karin and Dan were loaded with all kinds of South of the border treats. It started with a Tortilla Soup that had everyone raving, moved on to enchiladas and salsa, refried beans, rice, and flautas. Yea! Jen and Ugur.

More Jen and Ugur 021 More Jen and Ugur 009 More Jen and Ugur 016

Bottom line, we ate like kings, and a very festive fiesta was had by all.  We thank Jen and Ugur for all the great eats, and all the folks to came to join us for another fun time to kick off the holiday.

Thanksgiving weekend 015 Thanksgiving weekend 016 Thanksgiving weekend 017 Thanksgiving weekend 025

Thanksgiving weekend 021

Thanksgiving weekend 033

Thanksgiving weekend 051_stitch Thanksgiving weekend 079

And how often are you going to get Mildred, Gaylord, and all three of their daughters in one room. I ask you? 

Next year’s theme is Greek….so start practicing your Ouzo drinking and lamb roasting techniques. Opa!

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