Raceweek Anacortes

The third week in June Karin and I were volunteers for RACEWEEK ANACORTES.

This is the only week long sailing event for the boat racers around these parts every year where they can come together and go out for 5 straight days and thrash themselves on the boats….doing multiple races a day. Then they come back in to party, then get up the next morning to do it all again.

We know the woman who runs it from our days keeping our last boat at Shilshole Marina in Seattle and being Corinthian Yacht Club members. Since this was the first year doing it in Anacortes, we thought she might be a little overwhelmed so we sent her an email back in February offering to help as volunteers.

She basically made us the leads of the shore crew, setting up the registration/merchandise tent every day, checking skippers in, and selling the t-shirts and mugs. Gots to pay the bills baby!

It was a hoot, and the racing was blessed with five days of wind AND sun. We never get that. The racing was epic. If you’ve ever wondered what racing looks like….check out this video. It was put together by one of the race teams, a boat called Mad Dash. It’s pretty sweet. https://youtu.be/c2FI5aQAKAQ

That was fun. I think we’ll do this again next year.

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