Staying home for the 4th of July

We’ve lived in Anacortes now for 5 years but with our travel schedule and such this was the first time we’ve actually been in our slip at the dock on Independence Day. And we discovered something. We have a front row seat for the Anacortes Fireworks show. Who knew?

I should have figured this out sooner I suppose. I knew something was up when I went to take out garbage and found the parking lot, especially the North end of lot overlooking the water, was filling up with cars and trucks. People were sitting on the roofs and tops, curling up with blankets. And these were clearly not residents.

There were also dozens of people on the top of the berm out by the road. It also has a great view over towards Cap Sante. Its from a barge below the Cap that they launch all the shells.

All in all, this as been a great holiday weekend. On Saturday the Devet-Adairs came for a day sail. Galen, Pam, Gabe and Audrey were our favorite folk from Blessed Sacrament parish in Seattle, and it’s been a pain being so far from them.

It was a beautiful sunny day with a fresh wind from 5-12 knots out of the west. We motored to North to the other side of Guemes Island and popped out the sails. It was a steady long cruise up into Bellingham Bay. We pulled into Chuckanut Bay, dropped the hook, and made lunch. After lunch I nearly ran the boat on a rock when I got distracted. Not a good feeling. But after the excitement it was off around Vendovi Island, and back into Anacortes. Thanks for buying dinner at Bastion Brewery guys.

We used to steal Gabe and Audrey when they were little and take them to see Disney and other animated movies when they came out. That was we didn’t feel so out of place with all those other folks with kids. Now, of course, they are taller than we are. Gabe’s a sophomore at Texas Tech and Audrey will be driving soon and off to college as well soon.

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