Tucson for the winter

So, we’re back in Tucson for another winter. We liked life at Far Horizon RV Park enough to sign up for round two. Last year we were in full covid, the park was half empty, and few of the big winter attractions in Tucson were running. Weather was great, but we felt the need to come back again just to see what a more normal Tucson looks like.

For the first few days it was just settling in and getting us and the dogs used to a busier park. We had to figure out how to roast our coffee, where to take the dogs for a run, a poo and to figure out how to manage ourselves.

We also got the chance to hook up the trailer and take the dogs for a ride on the Loop bicycle trail out the back door. The dogs did fine, which means they didn’t chew a hole in the side of the trailer and jump out. It’s hard to say if they like it. Stella barks a lot at other dogs and people passing on the trail. Stewart just sits back and enjoys the breeze. Or he’s just trying to stay away from Stella while she’s making a racket. One or the other, I’m sure.

The puppies also got their first baths. As you can see, Stewart was not at all pleased and probably wondered what he had done to deserve this. Karin says, next time, we’re hiring a pro to do this job.

Just as we were all getting used to living in the trailer in Arizona, it was time for something new. Christmas on the farm in Idaho. It’s a two-day run up to Camas County from Tucson but at the end of it the dogs discovered something important. Corgis have double coats, and that makes them “Snow Dogs!”

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